[Wood pig salt shaker] THING 13 | 29.10.2003
Exchange No.3 for CUDDLY SOFT TOY “MÜMMY” *unwashed
"As a bloody young student, I found out that I could make grunting noises like a piglet. Promptly I received the sent object in a given manner. In my former flat-sharing community the salt shaker was often used and not treated with necessary care, and so the tail plug is missing now. Recently I got a complete, identical pig as a present from my former cohabitant. Therefore I can part from it. Although … Love it!" HORSTMAR, GERMANY
[Holzschwein Salzstreuer] DING 13 | 29.10.2003
Tausch Nr.3 gegen PLÜSCHHASE MÜMMY *ungewaschen