[Rattle frog (finding piece)] THING 27 | 07.02.2004
Exchange No.6 for BOTTLE OPENER *tin fish
"I found this little frog helpless in a multi-storey car park in Weimar (Thuringia) at the 29th of January 2004 about 11 o'clock. My request to the parents of a weeping baby searching in a desperate manner - forgive me! I had to act in such way and had to take the little frog with me that had already been run over repeatedly. However, the rattle frog is capable for transportation again with the help of an emergency operation and loving care, so I might entrust it now to the Dingwelt-exchange market-catalogue. Perhaps its owner will find it on this way." BERLSTEDT, GERMANY
[Klapperfrosch (Fundstück)] DING 27 | 07.02.2004
Tausch Nr.6 gegen FLASCHENÖFFNER *Zinnfisch