[The mouth organ] THING 41 | 09.09.2004
Exchange No.11 for CUDDLY SOFT TOY "MÜMMY *unwashed
"Like it is written at the well-thumbed cover, the small songbook “the mouth organ” was a constant companion for me during rides and stays in camps, youth hostels and/or school guesthouses in the sixties. Even today the melodies and some texts are in my mind which we sang together as children during class trips or which we partly sang and partly resounded with comrades of the railroader sport association – and also contemplative at the campfire we made the best of : "out of our cities walls" and other songs." DORMAGEN, GERMANY
[Die Mundorgel] DING 41 | 09.09.2004
Tausch Nr.11 gegen PLÜSCHHASE MÜMMY *ungewaschen