DINGWELT feedback 13.04.04 | Ontario, CANADA activist and poet


I would like to share a poem of mine, which was read at the concert for Peace and Non-violence, here in Canada, at McMaster University.
You can copy and use my poem, if you think it can be used to send a message of peace and non-violence.


and in Peace,

Tais Lintz
Brazilian born,
Canadian activist and poet


Peace is the essence
The seed unveiled
Where wisdom sprouts
into fields of respect
fertilized by forgiveness
complete in righteousness
Under touching words
sentiments flow
into lake of acceptance
in waters baptized by truth
where courage is the paddle
steering canoe of reason
over waves of passion
through free-spoken voices
in symphony of harmony

In counterfeit soil
violence, concealed in disguise
infects in silence
costumed, masked - like a cancer
with legacy of catastrophe
while we listen to woeful cries
of corruption
grazing upon hearts and fears
embraced in hollow vision
inducing false promises
in world of self-destruction

The smell of burning incense,
risies from the core of the soul
for the victims of violence:
sweet youth, replaced
by flame of a candle,
fragile and innocent
leaving mournful eyes,
a shrine in our hearts
only memories
a cross so heavy to carry

Conceive perfume of lilies,
with fragrance of endeavor
in bloom for resolution

Extinguish the fire of violence
with waters of justice
docked on harbor of purpose

Replace the spud of fury
with the essence
with the seed unveiled
rooting our cause,
ceasing silence
with our plea
united in euphony
for peaceful harvest

Tais Lintz, 2004

[poem for peace]